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A cubicle is a work area that is separated by small portable walls.  It is generally about 4 to 5 feet high and it gives a little more privacy.  Although it's not as good as an office, it is much better than having to sit in an open area looking at everyone.  Another benefit of having a cubicle is that you can personalize the space.  There are small walls to put up pictures, decoration, or to put up a white board or a cork board.

"I sit in the cubicle down the hall.  It's next to the conference room."
"My cubicle is directly on the other side of this wall.  Come by sometime."

"The files are on my desk in my cubicle.  I'll get them for you."

"I walked by your cubicle and saw a heater.  Where did you get such a small one like that?  I think I want one for my cubicle as well."

"There are a couple of people with the name Steve in our office.  If you say, 'Steve' real loud, you will see two heads appear at the same time.  It's quite funny."

If you hear the term 'cube farm', it is referring to a huge space with a lot of cubicles.

"I heard ABC Company has a serious cube farm.  Even the CEO has a cubicle.  I think that's pretty cool."

"How big is your cubicle?"
"My cubicle is about 5 feet by 6 feet."
"It's roughly 5 by 6."
"I'm not sure, but it fits two small desks and a drawer.  I guess it's big enough for me."

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